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On Sarfari With Us

Your ideal opportunity for a tailor-made, exclusive luxury camping safari in southern Tanzania especially in Selous game reserve, exclusive southern Serengeti safari, and western Tanzania for a hands-on wildlife safari and nature adventure, off the beaten track strewn with African wildlife and Tanzania wilderness safari excitements.

This can be combined with a challenging Kilimanjaro climb, a night time wildlife safari, an adventure filled Cycling safari, a wilderness hiking experience, a near hippos boating safari, a breath taking white water rafting experience, snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing in Pemba and Zanzibar islands, romantic scenery and vistas of Tanzania away from tourist resorts and lodges; for a normal holiday in Tanzania, honeymoon, or a student exploratory safari.

A participation in our volunteer program will give you an opportunity to live among the communities, live near magnificent wildlife populations and Tanzania national parks, share and exchange with communities and get rewarded with a personalized perspective of Tanzania, everlasting memories as well an enhanced experience enriched by personal discoveries.

This is a safari to Tanzania national parks while accompanied by cheerful Tanzanian cooks who make fresh bread, waiters, safari guides, camp support staff as well as the visited communities. Our safari opportunities may start or end with a search for gorillas in the Congo or chimpanzees on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, conquering the African highest point on top of Kilimanjaro or lazing on Zanzibar’s white sands.

A choice can be made of living with local families in a shared house for culturally savvy travelers, a campsite for the free spirited; or apartment/facility renting in visited cities for family’s comfort, solitude, own meals preparations, making friends or an experience of a local life style in family set up. .. Karibu Tanzania, the land of wildlife safaris to Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and the Spicy Island of Zanzibar!

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